The Kuruman Regional Court has on Thursday, 17 August 2017 sentenced 33-year-old Olebogeng Magara to 20 years direct imprisonment for murdering his then 40-year-old ex-girlfriend.
It was on 19 December 2016 at Batlharos village near Kuruman when Magara was at a local tavern and saw his ex-girlfriend speaking to another man. He went and physically attacked the victim, asking her why she was speaking to other men in front of him and that is when he stabbed her with a sharp object. The victim tried to run away but collapsed.
Magara further assaulted the victim's friend who tried to go and call help from the family. Magara was arrested on the same day and had since been in custody as bail was denied due to the fact that he had a pending case of assaulting the very same victim he murdered.
The court sentenced him to 20 years for murder, three years for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and six months for assault common. The sentences will run concurrently and he was further declared unfit to possess a firearm.
The Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Risimati Shivuri welcomed the sentence and commented the investigating
officer, Warrant Officer Mpho Basekiseng for the sterling investigation that ensured that Magara face jail time. The sentence will serve as deterrent to other perpetrators of gender based violence and also shows that the law is serious about crimes committed against women.

The Northern Cape Trio Crimes Task team has launched an intensive search for suspects after a safe containing firearms and ammunition was found in a veld at Hotazel. On Wednesday, 2017 July 25 at approximately 16:00, the po-lice in Kuruman recovered an aban-doned safe with four hunting rifles, a shot gun and 350 rounds of ammu-nition for different calibres of fire arms.
The safe was spotted by commu-nity members, while collecting fire-wood, and alerted the police.
The preliminary investigation indi-
of a residence between 08 and 09 July 2017.
The Acting Provincial Commissio-ner of the Northern Cape, Major General de Waal has lauded the discovery. He commended the com-munity members for alerting the police when they spotted the safe..
The police requests anyone with, information that could assist to bring to book those who were involved in the dumping of the in the veld, to contact Captain Doggy Magugu of Trio Crimes Task Team at 082 4690 578. All information will be treated as confidential.
cates that the safe including the fire-arms, ammunition and jewellery estimated at thousands of rands was reportedly stolen during the burglary of a residence between 08 and 09 July 2017.

A mysterious and yet bizarre attack on foreign nationals occurred on Satur-day July 15, 2017 at the Kathu Park, leading to the death of Onyenaucheya Frank Ifeanyi, aged in his twenties.
Narrating the horrendous act, were fellow Nigerians who had witnessed the predeter-mined barbaric murder.
A group of seven Nigerians were relaxing at the Kathu Park, situated next to the Gamagara municipality, when a group of people approached them and identified themselves as plain clothes cops. This group started searching the Nigerian men, but found nothing.
Then, about forty minutes later, the group came back with two cops in uniform (names withheld) who searched the men again, but allegedly still found nothing incriminating on them.
This time, the police had come along with a police bakkie and the community mem-bers were driving a blue bakkie.
After searching them and finding nothing to fulfil the alleged mission, the Nigerians were forcefully ordered to lie on the ground with shirts and trousers removed. What followed was a brutal sjambokking while lying on the ground.
It is alleged that while community mem-bers were beating these foreign nationals from noon to four in the afternoon, the cops allegedly joined in the fray. One woman among the community members in the tor-ture camp kicked one of the Nigerian victims in the genitalia. He later fainted on the spot and was allegedly rushed to Ku-ruman hospital, already bleeding.
After the thorough beatings of the nation-als, one of them was taken from the torture scene by the blue bakkie and the police bakkie. The rest of the tortured nationals had the courage to go to the SAPS Kathu police station to establish whether or not their fellow brother had been detained there.
The police constable on duty allegedly al-layed all fears and told them that their bro-ther was in the cells. As these foreigners
insisted to see their brother, the constable remained resolute that it was impossible. They shifted their request and pleaded to meet with the station commander or be given his contact numbers. The constable in charge allegedly told them that the station command-er was inaccessible. The Nigerian men then left the station.
The following day, the Nigerians were con-tacted by the police to identify a dead body found in the bushes along the R380 road. On arrival at the corpse, the Nigerian men dis-covered that it was their very brother who had been taken by the police and community members from the park and whom they had been denied to see at the Kathu police station.
The Nigerian community believes the police worked in cahoots with members of the community in the murder. 
According to Lieutenant Colonel Dimakatso Mooi from the provincial media centre in Kim-berley, the SAPS is investigating a case of murder following the discovery of a 25-year old man on Sunday 16 July 2017. No one has been arrested so far and the police is request-ing anyone with information to contact the SAPS Kathu detectives on 053 723 9124 or the crime stop line on 08600 10111 as the investigation continues.                 

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