Change of Command at Training Formation

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The SA Army Combat Training Centre's (SAA CTC's) Training Forma-tion held a change of command parade at Lohatlha on Thursday 30 March 2017.
The mechanised parade con-sisted of members of the trans-port and training support wing of the SAA CTC with 8 South African Infantry Battalion (8 SAI BN) while the SA Army Western Cape band provided the music.
In a change of command pa-rade, great value is placed on the ceremonial aspects which typifies an official hand over of authority to the incoming Briga-dier General Renier Johannes Coetzee from the outgoing Bri-gadier General Nicholas Kwelet-si Mabilu.
The parade aims to show the significance of command struct-ures in the SANDF which are founded on military hierarchical systems that distinguish levels of authority, leadership and management.
The outgoing Brigadier Mabilu thanked all the members of the army under his command for their unwavering support and the way they have performed their respective duties.
“I would like to assure Briga-dier General Coetzee that he will be working with professionals and would also like to extend my warm welcome to the formation that keeps its promises and mission based on its core busi-ness” said Brigadier General Mabilu
Armed with the knowledge gained from his 3 year sojourn at the SA Army Force Preparation (Force Prep) and a well-orches-trated handing over process from his predecessor, Brigadier General Coetzee said that he feels confident that he will find his way in the post conferred upon him by the Chief of Army.
Brigadier General Coetzee further contended that he would like to make use of the opportu-nity to thank those who went before and those still serving in the SA  Army Training Forma-tion.
“To those now wondering how life will be under a new comman-der, I have one guideline only : Your dedication I demand, your respect I hope to earn”, advised Brigadier General Coetzee.