DA up against Ga-Segonyana speaker

Hard News / Hoofnuus

Swords have been drawn between the DA Proportional Representative councillor Lea Nelson and the ANC speaker of Ga-Segonyana municipality councillor, Tuelo Meyers.
The feud emanated from no basis as the speaker put it to the Kathu Gazette journ-alist.
Apparently the outspoken EFF councillor Olebogeng Leserwane queried why the outgoing municipal manager Mr Edward Ntefang had to be granted yet another three months in an acting capacity as he had been labelled a failure in as far as running the affairs of the local authority were con-cerned.
The extension of his incumbency was solely because the municipality had not yet found the replacement and while processes are still unfolding he was requested to be in office for the next three months through a unanimous vote. His term of office ended June 30, 2017.
As the debate lingered on in the house, the speaker adjourned the meeting to accommodate lunch hour. This was the time when ward one councillor William Au-camp raised a hand to say something intuitively on the issue of the municipal ma-nager.
“As I made my way out from council chambers as protocol dictates, the speaker clarified, the fuming DA PR councillor Lea Nelson, who never participates in council meetings, sprung from the blues, ap-proached me and emitted Afrikaans vulgari-ties towards the speaker equated to my seTswana word “masipa” - a mouthful mocking word as to why I did not give coun-cillor Aucamp the opportunity to speak as he had his hand raised over the boiling matter.
“Clearly agitated and provoked I then warned her not to dare come closer to me or else a bull could be in a China shop”. There never was a physical confrontation in any-way, except that I was on the receiving end for leading the council meeting”.
The DA has taken legal recourse on the matter, alleging that the ANC speaker assaulted a PR councillor in the fiasco seen by others as trivia and normal proceedings in a live council meeting.