Local forums dictate the pace

Hard News / Hoofnuus

A unified approach by local forums has resulted in yet another schism where they want to monitor the labour office on how it runs its day to day affairs of recruitment.
On February 06, 2018, about seven forums met with the Kalagadi Man-ganese mine, Murray & Roberts and la-bour officials at the Department of La-bour's offices in Kuruman as a follow up meeting.
All the forums represented in the meet-ing sought to narrow suspicions of the mishandling of potential employment op-portunities to the local community.
The broader feeling by the forums is that the department of labour is working in tandem with the mine contractors to sideline locals. This has resulted in fo-rums coming together and summoning the alleged perpetrators.
In the meeting, it was agreed that all fo-rums be represented in a committee composed of eight members that will oversee the employment processes at the department. While the scope of the exercise remains a puzzle to the chosen contractor, the mine and the department, it raises more questions than answers as to why the forums had chosen these par-ticipants in the exercise.
Asked why forums had hand-picked these, the response was “Forums want to work hand in glove with the Murray & Robert's project, with regard to employ-ment and skills development. We want to source labour from the district. The De-partment of Labour is no longer trusted by the forums and want forum represen-tatives to monitor the process.”
What emerged on the sidelines of the meeting, is that while the forums are ad-vocating for transparency from the De-partment of Labour, they have hidden ag-endas in which some want to be employ-ment brokers. However, the platform to vent out the rather bizarre pronounce-ment, got choked in the process, be-cause other forum representatives are aware of the spurious ambitions that seek to tarnish the labour department as a means to create a brokering oppor-tunity.
The South African National Civic Or-ganisation (SANCO) was represented by its regional chairperson Eisang Pule who said that his organisation advocates for transparency in the employment pro-cess, where the department of labour must handle the baton to avoid confu-sion.