Negligence uncovered at hospital

Hard News / Hoofnuus

 The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members have again invaded Tswa-ragano hospital in Batlharos village as patients come out of the institution bemoan-ing different service deficiencies.
A peaceful picketing was held on February 28, 2018 by the party to send yet another clarion call to the hospital and department authorities to improve the deteriorating state of the hospital and clinics in the district.
Led by one of its outspoken Ga-Segon-yana municipality councillors Henry Chweu, EFF members said that the hospital is be-coming a “deathbed” as patients come out of the hospital either dead or still critically ill.
A memorandum handed over to the au-
thorities outlined a plethora of disturbing challenges in the provision of basic services by the saga-stricken hospital.
Apart from the alleged medical and staff shortages at the institution, the situation is further exacerbated by the unskilful deploy-ment of cadres chosen on loyalty alone and not expertise in a very critical department.
The memorandum categorically bemoan-ed the random loss of patient files in the wards due to lack of finesse in the handling skills.
The radical party's demands are that cli-nics ought to be operational for 24 hours to cater for the growing number of people in re-lation to the ailing ones. These clinics must
be manned by qualified nurses and doctors and these must also be employed with im-mediate effect.
The party further demands that security personnel including cleaners and garden-ers, must be in-sourced with full benefits.
Another sensitive conjecture was that un-ions within the health sector ought not to be politically driven and therefore must allow workers to join unions of their choice without interference.
The memorandum also requested that all asbestos houses in the municipal and rural areas be replaced as these are a proven health hazard to the community.