Hotazel road in shocking state

Hoofnuus / Headline

The road between Kathu and Hotazel, the R380, is in a very poor state. Commuters who drive on the R380 are risking their lives and ve-hicles on a daily basis. Though minor mainte-nance is being done, heavy rain falls exacer-bated the potholes to the degree where the average motorist has to drive with serious caution along the road at a speed of approx-imately 40km per hour in places. A lot of mo-ney is being wasted on minor repairs instead of longer lasting major repairs. Motorists are spending an incredible amount of money on tyre maintenance which they have to foot themselves. An additional hazard is the big trucks servicing the mines, constantly run-ning along this road, posing a danger to lighter vehicles and commuters alike and causing more damage to the road. We can only hope that the authorities will attend to this perilous road before something serious happens . . .  Photograph : Urban Swart