Save SA campaign flops in JTC

Hoofnuus / Headline

The national demonstration cam-paign called by different civic orga-nisations and political parties on April 07 in the country, as a clarion call for President Jacob Zuma to step down, re-ceived fewer blessings in the town of Kuru-man in the Northern Cape. Organised by Ms Linda MacLoughlin and legally sanctioned by the local authority, the event was lack-lustre. Only thirty or so people gathered at Kurukuru Park opposite Cashbuild, carrying their descriptive plac-ards. Asked why the response was so passive in the area, the convener said that mes-sages had been sent to a number of interest-ed people in town that dissuaded them from doing so and, as a result, they had no choice but to simply comply. However, many peo-ple passed by and noticed the teaspoonful gathering at the venue and waved their hands in solidarity. The very few people who gathered at the venue were bold enough to state that the state president has to step down for the good of the nation. In their lay language, they said that the de-clared junk status of the economy by the rating agencies was directly as a result of an individual who does not care about the re-percussions borne to the majority of poor South Africans. Asked whether or not their assembly was driven by political motive, they boldly said that the campaign was a-political and therefore they wanted to express their views with fellow South Africans, so that when na-tional decisions are taken, the leadership must think about the people first - not their individual relationships at the top echelons of power where the consequential vendetta has cost the economy and directly the poor person on the street, dearly.