Ramaposa evaluates Kuruman EPWP Projects

Hoofnuus / Headline

Second project: Vice president Ramaposa at the Waste management & Greening site at Wrenchville landfill under Ga-Segonyana municipality. Next to him is councillor Modise, councillor Benjamin Gaobusiwe, Chris Thato Oor direct beneficiary from the project and the district mayor councillor Sofia Mosikatsi        


The Vice President honourable Cyril Ramaposa, his top ministerial delegation, the Northern Cape premier Sylvia Lucas, the provincial and regional executives visited project sites in Kuruman on April 22, 2016 to evaluate progress achieved so far in the Expanded Public Works Programme aimed at creating employment. The programme called Public Employment Programme Inter ministerial Committee (PEP-IMC) is chaired by the vice president and his visit was to measure whether the purported strategy was bearing fruits or not in the Northern Cape. The programme is pioneered by the department of Roads & Public Works in Mothibistad. The vice president visited the brick-making project under the department where “Root out the dust” in partnership with municipalities in the Northern Cape Province has shown great strides. While the gist of the programme is to do away with dust and dirt roads, it simultaneously aims at stimulating intensive employment opportunities in the province. The bricks produced are used for paving roads within the municipal areas and are a launch-pad in which external roads can benefit using the skills obtained through this initial training. At the site of the project the vice president led by the district manager of the department Ms Modise exchanged views with the bricklayers. He emphasised the imperatives of obtaining skills as the main thrust behind (PEP) enlivening the Japanese idiom, “Teach him how to catch fish not how to eat it”. Communities will be engaged in the projects for six months to one year to obtain skills and be discharged to give others similar skills training chances. He advised them that after such training people must not sit on their laurels expecting to be employed again but create sustainable cooperatives. The vice president later visited another project dealing with Waste Management and Greening under Ga-Segonyana municipality that focuses on the rehabilitation and upgrading the existing landfill site in Wrenchville. The project is in partnership between the Department of Environmental Affairs and Ga-Segonyana municipality. In the same vein the project directly targets community participation and has absorbed close to 290 since it started in 2014 as it is also involved in street cleaning and greening of public open spaces. The vice president made a similar clarion call that government remains determined to empower its people through skills training programmes to create a pyramidal scheme of entrepreneurs that will expand the economy.


First project: The vice president Cyril Ramaposa with his entourage at the bricklaying site getting a brief lecture from Thabo Rammile, a direct beneficiary from the project, in Mothibistad’s Road & Public Works premises. Next to him is the district director of Roads & Public Works Ms Nomatyala Modise.