The incomplete family house where the family packed itself in the one room with a door.

A family of more than ten is sunken in abject poverty in Maruping village and desperately needs helping hands. Mr Joseph Mpoelang is a widower suffering from tuberculosis, but has a wagonful of children and grandchildren looking after him day and night, battling to put something on the table.

A visit by the Kathu Gazette, April 13, 2016 established that the situation in the family is dire and deserves Good Samaritans to intervene.

Recently the family was leased a dilapidated two-roomed structure by a neighbour who witnessed that the frail Mpoelang could not make ends meet in his incomplete structure that packed the whole family in a single room. The offered structure is about 500 metres away from Mr Mpoelang’s where his two daughters Mosetsanagape and Sana now stay with the rest of the children.

These two daughters have three and two daughters respectively including their three siblings. There is no form of income in the family accepts the social grant for the only disabled and the last child for the ailing father. The disabled child (15) has multiple disabilities associated with Down’s syndrome. She is mute, deaf and cannot walk. During the day the ailing father spends the day with his daughters so as to share the little they can get from the community. Asked why they had to repeat the mistake of having many children, the two daughters concurred that they had been promised heaven and earth by their fiancés each time they had a relationship but when pregnancy had been confirmed, their lovers disappeared like summer clouds, a traditional norm in the area.

Four of these children are attending school.



The dilapidated house which the two daughters and the rest of the children call home outside with their ailing father Mr Joseph Mpoelang.