31 year-olds acknowledge parents, God

Hoogtepunte / Highlights

A very unusual club in Kuruman has emerged and proved that a human mind is unique and can explore anything for the community to benefit. Twenty five young ladies of the same age born in 1985 converged at Bosa Guest House in Kuruman to share the bitters and sweets of life or pros and cons of it with the ultimate objective of strengthening one another. The group that started sometime last year has finally deemed it ideal to go public and share the myths and truths about life. In an interview with the Kathu Gazette its chairperson Boipelo Kotoloane of Born to Conquer as the group is affectionately called said that they are grateful of their parents who moulded their future and personality. “We are still going to support one another in many ways through all structures, I mean in good and bad times. This group is all about preserving discipline, a societal preserve that has eluded the youths today. We want to become a group of thirty in total but if more people come we shall accommodate them” The invited pastor from the Full Gospel Church Ms Keakabetse Khabae said that reaching thirty one years is not a fluke and encouraged the young ladies to keep up the good example of preserving the good values that make the dignity of humankind. She emphasised that in marriage or not, at work or not and in a family or not the youths must respect themselves and fear sin. She said that young people are dying due to lack of wisdom and understanding, a strong statement that God puts across to His people. One of the parents who attended the function Ms Seboheing Violet Leepman appreciated the good idea initiated by the group. She encouraged the group to keep that good vision among them to guide others. She said that cowards never die and similarly those who fear God will see the better days. Most deaths nowadays target the youths because they are far from God, a striking fact that is causing headaches to the elderly. She said that scholarly knowledge is indispensable on the economic front but must not be misconstrued into knowing the Creator’s ways.


The 31 year-olds at Bosa Lodge commemorating one year of establishment. Some of their parents also attended the function to bless it further.