Department optimistic that good rains will ease drought burden on farmers

Hoogtepunte / Highlights

The Northern Cape Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development welcomes the good rain that has poured since the dawn of the new year.

The department is optimistic that the current rains will ease the burden on our farmers especially smallholder farmers who are the hardest hit by drought.

The effects of drought have left various farmers, from smallholder to commercial, counting losses on both livestock and crop production. It has also led to the prices of food commodities to sky rocket and hit the poorest of the poor. 

The department had noted with concern the dryness of the veld due to lack of rain in the past years, and it is optimistic that it will continue to pour and put a smile on our farmers.

The dryness of the vegetation due to lack of rain creates perfect conditions for runaway veld fires.  Veld fires pose a serious threat to both agriculture and human beings hence we are grateful for what we are currently receiving.

Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development