Rainbow farmers union launched

Hoogtepunte / Highlights

The entire committee of the Rainbow Farmers Union


A group of peasant farmers in the region have launched a vibrant union that seeks to address a plethora of farming inconsistencies in the farming industry around the area.

The official launch of the Rainbow Farmers Union, initially Kuruman Farmers Union, was marked as a milestone by the Department of Agriculture’s acting manager from the provincial office, Ms Lillian Senosi, who presented a keynote address on the auspicious occasion, with the host chief Dioka and other chiefs, including chief Tjankie.

Hundreds of farmers converged at Gamorona tribal office to witness the occasion. The union, amongst other targets it envisages, is to unite farmers - predominantly and strategically found in the livestock production region and to diversify means of livestock production by engaging other seasoned farmers especially commercial farmers.

To substantiate that significance there was Mr Gert Olivier, a seasoned and tried commercial farmer, who has shown great support for the emerging black farmers. He is behind the success of the launch of the union and is the mentor of these farmers.

Mr Olivier said that aspiring emerging black farmers need to rub shoulders with commercial farmers to be able to sustain a sound livelihood through farming. He appealed to government to come up with realistic training programmes rather than merely donating resources to unskilled farmers.

Mr Olivier further suggested that farming experts must frequent emerging farmers and strongly advised government officials to establish agricultural colleges to equip farmers in the administration of farms.

He bemoaned the exorbitant price tags on land, yet the ultimate goal is to avail it affordably to many as a means of maximising production.

The union is supported by a very robust anti-theft forum called Kgomo Modimo wa Gae of which most farmers members of. The stock anti-theft forum remains autonomous and an indispensable vigilante for the union.

The police and the Department of Agriculture have deservedly commended the sterling work done by the forum with a number of livestock rustlers arrested using its internal processes.