Desperados brings Harambe Lifestyle on board

Hoogtepunte / Highlights

Desperados President Kabelo Andreas handing over a food hamper and cash to Kgomotso Andreas at Gamopedi village. In red cap is Mr Jakoba Kalakgosi representing Harambe Lifestyle with councillor Makwati in Desperados inscribed t-shirt 


A build up to the Desperados charity run penned for February 25, 2017 was premised by the community charity programme coordinated by the biking organisation. Working hand and glove with a newly established entertainment powerhouse known as Harambe Lifestyle based at Gasehubane, a sample of about ten bikers descended upon the three villages across Ga-Segonyane municipal constituency donating food hampers and cash to the less privileged in society. The bikers mooted the wise approach to the main event by inviting the local business community to share their spirit of giving back to the disadvantaged members of the community. That clarion call was good enough for Harambe Lifestyle to heed and joined hands with the bikers. As a result the bikers had to accompany Harambe Lifestyle officials and councillors from the three identified villages namely Batlharos, Gamopedi and Gasehubane where three families received food parcels and R1000 each. In one accord the two organisations concurred in that giving is the spirit of God and councillors have to play a pivotal role to identify recipients and fulfil the blessing. While recipients couldn’t believe in the windfall the thunderous convoy of bikers was a great joy across the breadth and width of the many villages. The entourage eventually had dinner at Harambe Lifestyle where admirers of the sporting bikers arrived in numbers only to be told that giant bikes and bikers will be descending during the course of the week. The big annual sporting arena of Desperados biking event has become a traditional show aimed at caring for the down trodden in society.