Church voluntarily cleans Tshwaragano

Hoogtepunte / Highlights

Away from its intermittent service delivery deficiencies that characterise Tshwaragano state hospital, members of the General Church of the New Jerusalem in South Africa from local branches namely Batlharos, Bendel, and Dikgweng displayed a good example of charity to the institution.

The church voluntarily approached the hospital and requested to clean the entire premises of the hospital.

After having been granted the permission, the volunteers started weeding out the overgrown grass at hospital on February 6, 2017.

When the Kathu Gazette was invited on February 17, 2017 by the church to witness the progress made so far, church members were finalising the last portion on their final day.

According to the church moderator Jacob Kolberg who had initially made the proposal, said that the idea was not to undermine the authority of the hospital but to merely giving a hand of assistance in good faith.

“In fact we are inspired by the Word of God, to come to the rescue of the hospital to assist the many responsibilities bestowed upon its authorities. The general secretary of the church Botselo Kotiya said “As churches we shouldn’t be on the path of blame, but rather offer help where we can afford to, to ensure that patients in this hospital are not terrorised by mosquitoes due to weeds and grass on the premises.”

The church plans to run a similar cleaning exercise at Kuruman district hospital starting on 22 February 2017.



Church members of the New Jerusalem in South Africa hoeing the last portion of the weedy Tshwaragano Hospital in Batlharos.