More opportunities for women and youths

Hoogtepunte / Highlights

There are glaring opportunities in the farming industry for women and the youths.

In her wide-ranging presentation to farmers, the provincial acting manager of the Department of Agriculture, Ms Lillian Senosi, said that while mainstream agriculture is dominated by men, the department has good news to offer to emerging women and youth farmers.

She said that there is fund that is allocated to the most promising woman entrepreneur and all women ought to participate in the competition.

Similarly, youths too have such a fund and all that needed, is that they must be visible in the sector.

She stressed that the department is conversant with gender equality issues. Farming projects by women will always be prioritised to boost their participation in the sector.

She further said that food security is not a mere responsibility for the selected few in the country. While youths aim at the white colour jobs upon completion of their studies, entrepreneurial pursuits have more opportunities where tertiary skills could be converted into optimal production for economic growth.



fltr District manager agriculture department Mr Patrick Tonyane and the acting provincial manager Ms Lillian Senosi seemingly exchanging views in Gamorona