Kathu Solar Park celebrates achievements of 2016

Hoogtepunte / Highlights

All the employees of all the contractor and sub-contractor companies working at Kathu Solar Park were treated to a braai in gratitude of the progress made thus far on the project.

The Kathu Solar Park began con-struction of the 100 MW Concen-trated Solar Power Plant on 26 May 2016. 
In the eight months on site, the project, which is located on the T-25 dirt road 15 km north of Kathu near the airport, has accom-plished significant results.
The project has cleared the entire 4 km square site and levelling of the site is near-ing completion. 
The project is in the construction phase of the many thousands of foundations requir-ed to support the solar equipment. The project has three concrete batch plants on site producing ± 450 cubic metres of con-crete each day. 
The project is employing ± 500 employ-ees from the local JTG district municipality - approximately half of the workers on site. 
Over 600 000 man hours have been worked on site without a single lost time injury.
To celebrate these accomplishments, the project held a braai on site for all of the workers on Friday 10 February 2017. Over 1100 employees enjoyed the celebration with oxen roasted on spits, salads and cold drinks. The stormy weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of the workers. 
As the Project Director for Construction and Engineering for the Kathu Solar Pro-ject, Mark Janick stated, “The project has accomplished great things in 2016 and it is critical that the project recognises the great contributions of the South African workforce in constructing this project. It is right and proper to appro-priately thank the workers for the great accomplishments in 2016. The project looks forward to ac-complishing further milestones throughout 2017.”