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The Caravan Park was temporarily deserted by the displaced foreigners as hunger took the better side of their new residence. Less than ten of the thirty or so foreign nationals were found asleep in the late hours of the afternoon by the Kathu Gazette journalist. Eager to know of their whereabouts their fellow countryman responded cleanly and later joined by another roommate echoing the same reason. ´There is no food here brother since you last came here no one came to give us food. As a result others left this place to look for food in different villages where their friends still operate businesses. They left in the morning, others afternoon but they are coming back to sleep. As I speak there is no water. Brother help tell people that we don’t have food here. Again this place is very far from town and our friends cannot come to see us because of the distance”. Then came an elderly mate to express his views, “My brother we are suffering, human rights people said that they will do something but nothing is forthcoming and the municipality keeps on promising”, he wrapped up.

Asked whether they are prepared to be reintegrated with the Bankara community, the general consensus from about seven of the stranded foreigners said that they have no choice but to go back. “Why?” They responded openly, “We bought land to build shops in Bankara. Most of us, we are married here and have children making it very difficult to leave, and some of us have title deeds for the land that we bought”. They revealed that some of them have South African citizenship and therefore have a right to go back and start a new life. Soon after the interview the Ga-Segonyana mayor Neo Masegela was consulted and hinted that stakeholders would be meeting the Bankara community on February 14, 2015 at 4pm and only then will the fate of the desperate foreigners be known. The community is allegedly divided over reintegration process of these foreigners understandably due to the whirling internal political squabbles within the ANC ward leadership where the councillor and the PR councillor have seething differences in the control of these vulnerable foreigners. Muckraker has also revealed that the ANC provincial elective conference could be a hidden factor contributing to the slow-tackling of the problem as these two are lobbying for two opposing candidates for the provincial chairmanship.


Hunger has taken toll of these displaced foreign nationals jammed in the room at Caravan Park. Whom should they lean on now ?