DA demands legal election of Gamagara Mayor

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The unlawful election of the mayor of the Gamagara local municipality must be set aside and a lawful election held within the next seven days. This is according to the provincial leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Andrew Louw.

Due to fears inflamed by internal factionalism, the ANC councillors wrongfully insisted that the election of a mayor must be held by a show of hands. But Schedule 3(6)(a) of the Local Government : Municipal Structures Act clearly states that the voting must be done by secret ballot.

They knew their internal fighting had reached the level where some of their councillors would have voted for the DA candidate if the election was done lawfully.

What makes this illegal election all the more shocking is the fact that the MEC of Co-operative Governance sat idly by and approved the blatant violation of our country’s laws. This is the same man who wanted to invoke the Constitution and dissolve the municipal council, but apparently lacks even the basic knowledge of the laws regulating local governance.

The Democratic Alliance has sent theirr demand for a lawful election to the municipal manager. According to Mr Louw, the DA will be taking further action if their demand is not met.