ANC ought to up the sleeves

Politiek / Politics

The Northern Cape as a whole is in the hands of the ruling party judging from the recent local government elections.

Party loyalists can boast of the electoral supremacy because of numerical figures that were predominantly skewed towards the revolutionary movement’s direction. The rural elderly majority does not understand any slogan that comes from any emerging political parties and as such believe moving away from the ANC is perceived as great betrayal of self and country in the broader sense.

However if political pundits are to engage their analytic semantics, the ruling party almost bit the dust as the recent percentages were somehow undernourished compared with the previous ones. Since the game of politics is broad enough, similarly there is a galaxy of reasons that could be considered to be a precipitate to the decline of votes cast in favour of the ruling party. Moving along electoral campaigns up to the Election Day and from one party to another there was a miscellany of scenarios that manifested in the process that were a good pendulum to determine what was in the mind of the voter. Accurate or not, voters from the region and, possibly countrywide, wanted the ANC office bearers to give them ears on who is to lead them within their defined parameters. As factions took the centre stage in the party they were an entry point for the opposition to rule the roost. The strength of the party is not at the top echelons of power but ideologically at the bottom, that is, at branch levels where its bone marrow hinges around. Political branches where chairpersons and secretaries are chosen through determined character to represent the movement are the nucleus or nerve centre of any political movement’s strength but were inadvertently short-changed of their preferred candidates. As the party was quite aware and resplendent with these theories it came out with near suicidal experiments that nearly made the ship to capsize by imposing the so-called preferred candidates by the elitists. The wanton change of candidates against the will of branches was a clear detriment that nearly jeopardised the loyalty of staunch supporters of the party who among the elders decided not to cast their valuable votes and the capricious youths decided to jump the floor as a way of crucifying those that were against the will of the majority. The leadership, at all levels, must come down and get the appropriate echoes of preference before endorsing false cadres. False cadres are members who want to harvest where they did not plant. You cannot plant a feather and expect chickens to grow. In life we are rewarded by our sweat where high level of diligence is a prerequisite. The specification of politics is to come down to the people, listen to them and dance with them so that as you aim at climbing the political ladder they don’t pull you down but make it lean on them. As a result when a big party is fumbling the younger ones, like the rambling trees, meander around its trunk to reach the sun hence the opposition parties found the plums too ripe to harvest. This is just but an analysis around the ANC’s mistakes derived from the region and a rude awakening as South Africans know where and when to outwit the politician, the ballot box.