Gamagara reviewed draft IDP & budget

Politiek / Politics

The Integrataed Development Plan (IDP) is the institution's key strategic planning tool, which is review-ed on an annual basis.
This IDP presents the communities of the Gamagara region with bold initiatives, strategies and programmes to give them access to quality basic services.
Public participation and engagement are the foundations on which the IDP is based and this IDP is consequently the outcome of a series of public participation meetings.
During these meetings, the political and administrative leadership talked and listened to residents and community representatives to identify their priorities and needs, which were subsequently integrated into the IDP and Budget.
The abject conditions under which some of our residents live, call for a paradigm shift in service delivery to address the unyielding triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and social inequality.
The successful implementation of the IDP and Budget, as well as the provision of sustain-
able and integrated communities, can be achieved only through a partnership between the municipality and the other spheres of government to create a single window of coordination.
The Mayor of the Gamagara municipality, Dineo Moyo, ad-dressed the community of ward one at the municipality hall. She said that they were grateful that the community of ward one came out in numbers in order to exchange views on the IDP and budget.
Despite the well presented draft, the community members could not hold back their opinions about what they viewed as an uneven IDP and budget.
They also raised issues ranging from water meters, electricity hikes, as well as the lamp posts that are being hit by reckless drivers.
The mayor advised that the document is subjected to changes if the community is not satisfied with the draft. She also said residents have until 7 May 2017 to submit letters to the Office of the Mayor to suggest changes to the draft.