Parties unite to support Save South Africa

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Workers Day was a hive of activity in Kuruman as opposition parties, civil society and religious groups converged at ABSA plain to consolidate the call for the President Jacob Zuma to step down.
Visible in their defining party colours, the EFF dominated the numbers, followed by COPE and a smattering of the DA members assembled as early as 09: 00 at ABSA plain before marching along Livingstone Avenue towards the bus rank, past the magistrate court joining Voortrekker Avenue and back to the starting point.
The message was vivid and crystal clear that President Jacob Zuma no longer carries statesmanship in the country, but is a mere party leader respected by a few within his circles.
The EFF Member of Parliament representing the Northern Cape Shadreck Tlhaole, a former youth provincial secretary of the ANC, said that those still clamouring support for the president suffer from cowardice or mere hypocrisy, who cannot freely express themselves in the open and acknowledge that the man has lost grip like an aging elephant. He said that the opposition is me-rely endorsing what the ANC followers are advocating for, ie that the man has done suf-ficient damage to be recalled.
The Provincial Secretary of COPE Chris Liebenberg, succinctly said that the opposi-tion has come up with a forum in the North-ern Cape to support the Save South Africa campaign. “These marches shall remain a
sour emblem towards the 2019 elections for the president. We are planning similar mar-ches throughout the province. We are happy because the civil society, NGOs and religi-ous organisations are supportive of the call that the president has become a “sacred cow” that cannot mingle with his fellow South Africans. Hence we are sending a message that he must step down as the pre-sident of the country to restore the country's integrity.
The Regional Chairperson of the EFF and organiser of the event Phenyo Ohentswe, said that the Workers Day march against Mr Zuma was to highlight the painful economic permutations that inflict workers through misguided decisions taken by the president.