Zamani Saul new ANC NC Chairperson

Politiek / Politics

Former ANC Northern Cape Secretary, Zamani Saul, was elected unopposed as the party's new provincial chairperson on Friday 12 May 2017 during the ANC's elective conference held in Colesberg. Other candidates, including the provincial premier, declined the nomination.
Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the conference, telling members that the ANC's renewal must start in the Northern Cape. "It must start here," said Mr Ramaphosa, who used the opportunity to tout his idea for the renewal and rebirth of the ANC.
Many supporters agreed with Mr Rama-phosa that the ANC must undergo a metamorphosis to survive.
He told the gathering a mythical story, about an old eagle preparing for its next phase of life. "We must go through this painful process of removing the blunt claws and the blunt beaks. So that we may be
stronger again - that is what the ANC must do," Mr Ramaphosa stressed.
When the electoral contest officially got under way, it was one-way traffic, with Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas and all candidates aligned to her declining nomination.
"Unfortunately, I will not accept," said Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas when she was nominated, making Mr Saul the new provincial chairperson.
However, Ms Lucas promised the outcome of the conference would be appealed within ANC structures due to electoral irregularities.
It's too early to tell who the Northern Cape's newly elected leadership will officially support come the national ANC elective conference in December, but if Mr Ramaphosa's reception and the election of his apparent supporters are anything to go by, the province might well be running with the deputy president. eNCA