Provincial Executive Council visits JTG

Politiek / Politics

The newly-elected ANC Provincial Executive Council (PEC) members led by its chairperson Doctor Zamani Saul, undertook an official visit to the John Taolo Gaetsewe region on June 10, 2017. The team has already visited other regions to extend their sense of appreciation and to strengthen relations and unwavering support derived from them.
Similarly, the visit was broadly to intro-duce the new executive, as well as to ac-knowledge the integral role being played by the region in the activities of the movement.
The new provincial team is almost evenly represented by the regions - a clear show of balance of power. The John Taolo Gaetsewe region has seven PEC members, namely Mr Kenny Moiemmang, Mr Gibson Anthony, Mr Lebogang Motlhaping, Ms Fufe Ma-katong, Mr Lazarus Tefo Seikaneng and Ms Dineo Leutlwetse.
In his keynote address to the regional structures, the articulate and vibrant provin-cial chairperson said that this region is the nerve centre in the political successes of the ruling party and, particularly, in the electorial processes.
Without mincing his words, he candidly said that many a time the district goes through political turmoil during the electoral period where members and contestants want to tear one another apart. He therefor appealed for harmony.
He emphatically dwelt on the abuse of power by office bearers within the party structures, municipalities and departments. He said that deployed cadres must understand clearly that the deployment exercise is a mere privilege that can be abdicated from an individual if there is non-compliance and non-delivery of expected results.
On the last conference debacle, he said that those who did not make it must not be delusive in expecting a re-run. In any contestation there must be a side that leans on a falling wall, that winners must not be over-excited and those in the mixed feeling bracket who belong to the island of the plebiscite, all belong to the ANC and need to be embraced in good spirit to resuscitate the movement. He clearly stated that purging of fellow members is intolerable and condemnable.
The ANC, at this juncture, needs a team
of ideological builders that can debunk the insidious isms like factionalism characterising its image. He also confirmed that the regional conference will be held in August this year.
Finally he said that the cabinet reshuffle that happened on the doorstep of the provin-cial conference has been reversed in totality. The ousted MECs were sworn in again on June 11, 2017 and that was a polished decision reached.