DA leader brings hope

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Joined by the Northern Cape provincial leader, Andrew Louw and the DA's whip in the Northern Cape Provincial Legisla-ture, Harold McGluwa, the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) party, Mmusi Maimane visited Kathu on Saturday 22 July 2017. His visit formed part of the party's national #Change19 tour.
Mr Maimane conducted a door-to-door walkabout in the township of Mapoteng where he met with residents. Thereafter he ad-dressed the people from Mapo-teng along with a lot of DA sup-porters donning DA apparel. He later also addressed the com-munity and many DA supporters at the taxi rank in Kathu.
Mr Maimane told the crowds that what he saw in Kathu and particu-larly in Mapoteng, pointed to a gov-ernment that does not care about the people at all once they have their vote in their back pocket. Because a caring government would not let their people live in filth.
“A caring government would not let raw sewage run down your streets and in between your homes where your children play. A government that truly cared for you would not allow this to go on for days without doing anything about it, let alone the months, even years, that you've had to put up with it,” he said.
“The problems with the contin-uous sewage spills here in Mapo-teng aren't because of complex,
unfixable issues. These problems aren't because of sabotage or even lack of budget. They are sim-ply problems of poor governance,” he went on to say.
He explained at length about the state of poor maintenance of equipment used for service deli-very, with special reference to the problem of overflowing sewage reservoirs where overflow sensors needed to be replaced but when left too long, the ANC run munici-pality could only afford to replace some of them instead of all of them, while simultaneously enrich-ing their preferred suppliers.
“The sensors in these reservoirs that are meant to prevent over-flows should have been replaced as soon as they failed. But, like almost everything in this town, it was simply ignored by this ANC government.
I am told, following relentless pressure from the DA, that they have gone out and bought seven new sensors for these reservoirs. But even these seven new sensors won't solve the problem, as there are up to twenty that need repla-cing. And of course, in true ANC style, they have completely over-paid their connected “preferred suppliers”, which means they don't have the budget for the rest.
“Unfortunately this is how this ANC government responds to a crisis. They ignore it for years, and when they cannot possibly ignore it any longer, they make a weak attempt at fixing the bare minimum
while making a few cadres rich along the way. Then you don't see them again while your streets run thick with sewage. The same goes for the water supply issues across large parts of Kathu ,” Mr Maimane ex-plained.
Refering to the 2019 national and pro-vincial elections in two years' time, Mr Maimane said “Many of you are going to have to do something you have never done before: You are going to have to turn your back on the ANC and vote for a new government.”
Mr Maimane also referred to the up-coming by-election in ward 7 on 20 Sep-tember. He said that DA had won it in last year's municipal election by a very small margin but that it would be a huge set-back for the community if it were to return to the ANC.
The communities of Mapoteng and Kathu were very excited to meet with the DA leader and many people took selfie cellphone photographs with Mr Mai-mane.