Secret ballot march falls out

Politiek / Politics

The Economic Freedom Fighters' (EFF's) vote of no confidence secret ballot campaign was shattered on August 8, 2017 in the late hours of the day.
Party members gathered at ABSA plain in Kuruman town around 08:00 singing and chanting before they picketed at 11:00, escorted by the police to the bus rank.
The picketing took two and a half hours be-fore dispersal. At 14:00 every political mem-ber was glued to the television and radio watching and listening to the parliamentary proceedings that eventually dampened their spirits.
While the EFF picketing numbers were not as convincing as was projected, the level of confidence that the African National Con-gress members of parliament would betray their party was conspicuous. The betrayal was indeed manifested, but not deep enough to cascade the no-confidence vote wishes aimed at the ousting of the state president Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma. Yet again,  a wild goose chase.
There are 400 members of parliament and 201 members were needed to vote against the ANC to effect the ousting of the president who allegedly has built a bulwark of loyalists
within his dynasty. There were 177members (a collective of opposition plus fed-up pro-ANC members who wanted radical change of the president) that voted against and 198 ANC members who voted for the retention of the president. Numerically there are 151 opposition MPs and 249 ANC MPs at par-liament. Work out the resultant permuta-tions . . .
This is not the first attempt by the opposi-tion. The hidden blessings from the ruling party legislators that shared the same drums of dissent are telling another debacle in the political space.
While the politically perilous exercise could be seen as a victory by the president and his allies over a miscellany of allega-tions levelled against himself, cronies and his style of governance where corruption is touted as the common denominator of all of the accusations, ANC numbers are un-doubtedly shrinking because one ANC legi-slator who voted against him represents se-veral thousands.
The secret ballot further revealed that fac-tionalism within the ANC is still a “septic wound” that needs a strong antibiotic with immediate effect. Certainly it would be dis-
respectful of the late statesman Nelson Mandela and other fallen heroes and hero-ines if the ANC had lost its political mandate through the opposition secret influence.
While the current president Jacob Zuma has allegedly been described as directly po-rous in guarding the sovereignty and state resources, thereby disillusioning the mass-es, the meticulous and prudent way to deal with him is through the internal processes of the ANC. The ruling party has both the au-dacity and tenacity to restore its waning po-pularity by telling the truth and coming up with a new formula to win back the discon-tented electorate.
The opposition needs to concentrate on smart ways to outvote the ANC within its respective political demographics, not by in-fluencing ANC top structures to tow the line. If indeed Mr Zuma has become a stumbling block to good governance, he must not be crucified alongside the ANC's trajectory em-blem. It is no secret that the ANC leadership knows the ailment affecting the party and its corresponding remedy.
Good quote : “The earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.”