ANC confirms secretary’s legitimacy

Politiek / Politics

There was confusion on November 14, 2017 spilling to the next day when a media statement was released to the effect that the regional secretary of the ANC, Mr Peace Kagiso Leserwane had been suspended by his executive committee during its regional executive committee meeting held on November 13, 2017.
The press release was issued by the regional chairperson Mr Sewedistwe Gaobusiwe to media houses. The Kathu Gazette editor received the media release and spontaneously liaised with her senior journalist based in Kuruman to confirm the latest developments. Taken by surprise the senior correspondent had to verify the information from the ANC provincial office that quashed the rumour as baseless and malicious. The following day the regional office invited the local media houses for the withdrawal of the press release. The vice regional chairperson of the ANC Mr Neo George Masegela said that the released statement was false propaganda aimed at dividing the people.
“The regional executive has no powers to remove the secretary in any way and, in this case, for what reason”, he rhetorically questioned. “We are preparing for the regional conference and those not prepared enough shouldn't come with fallacies that are aimed at delaying the processes. We have numbers in terms of branches because we worked thoroughly and when we harvest, people must understand that we planted” he said in the presence of many supporters, chairpersons and secretaries of the branches that also converged at the office to confirm their support and legitimacy of their secretary. The regional conference is set for December 01 - 03, 2017.