7th ANC regional conference endorsed

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Fltr : The new ANC regional leadership structure after the recent conference held in Kathu. Councillor Neo George Ma-segela - Chairman, Councillor Nelson Hantise - Deputy Chairman, Peace Kagi-so Leserwane - Regional Secretary, Siz-we Mlangeni - Deputy Secretary and Vio-let Jordaan - Treasurer .
The much awaited seventh ANC re-gional conference was convened as stipulated on December 01 - 03, December 2017 at Gamagara town hall.
The conference, according to the provin-cial executive council representative Ms Patricia Witbooi was well organised. “The conference did collate, meaning the branch delegates reached the required quorum to conduct it. Out of the total of 111 delegates, 79 attended the conference. This was a good and well attended conference as justi-fied by the numbers.”
Asked about the electoral process, about the top five office bearers and the twenty additional members, she said that there was a high level of consensus in both processes. “Both the top five and the twenty additional members were not contested, meaning there was no contestation at all. The proposed candidates were unanimous-ly endorsed by the conference,” Ms Witbooi said.
In response to the alleged factional dis-putes prior to the conference, Ms Witbooi candidly said, “The PEC members are here to render support and encourage unity am-ong members. If the leadership within the region requests any form of support, we have the requisite structures to help. We provided guidance from the beginning of the exercise to ensure there is a dignified pro-cess in the whole exercise, hence we are endorsing the conference and its outcomes in its entirety.
“The conference did not only look into el-ectoral processes, but also looked into commissions to ensure the structures of the party remain strong, by meeting the expect-ations of the electorate. These were deliber-ated in groups and later brought to the main platform as a finalised synchrony.”
Ms Witbooi does not believe in factional-ism and said that members are simply divergent in views, and as a result, they lob-by from different platforms to cascade their
views. Now that the conference is over, members must come together and embrace one another to strengthen the party.
The new regional structure is as follows: Chairperson Neo George Masegela, deputi-sed by Nelson Hantise, Secretary Peace Ka-giso Leserwane, deputised by Sizwe Mlan-geni and Treasurer  Violet Jordaan.