ANC Deputy Secretary General preaches unity

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The scorching sun was not a hin-drance as the ANC members trickled into the Batlharos stadium to cele-brate the African National Congress' (ANC's) 106 years anniversary.
The determined members finally filled it to capacity in the presence of the party's national deputy secretary, Jessie Duarte, on Saturday January 27, 2018.
Accompanied by a convincingly large delegation drawn from the national office, almost the entire provincial executives, that included the premier Ms Sylvia Lucas, the provincial chairperson Mr Zamani Saul, his team and the alliance partners, the cele-brations were indeed electric and gigantic in definition.
Every speaker was resolute that unity remains a missing component and neces-sity in the governing party to galvanise its structures from branches to the top eche-lons of power.
Ms Duartie unflinchingly said, “The newly selected national executive council (NEC) headed by party president Cyril Ramaposa, deputised by David Mabuza, chaired by Gwede Mantashe whose secretary general is Ace Magashule, I, as his deputy with the treasurer Paul Mashatile, feel that we are in a new era where unity is an integral ingre-dient that can bring structural cohesion and tolerance within the party.
“As the NEC, we are appealing to every-one gathered here and in the broader spec-trum of the organisation, that we must ac-cept defeat with humility and learn to embrace one another in the spirit of com-radeship. We approached the December
national conference with two slates but came out of it as a single entity. Lobby groups must come to an end and rally be-hind one African National Congress - a common denominator where everyone hinges upon. There is no room to doubt the current leadership.”
The Northern Cape provincial chairman, Mr Zamani Saul, reiterated similar senti-ments that advocate for the renewal of the ANC at various structures. He said that in a contest, one triumphs and thereafter there must be collective tolerance and strength-ening of the party.
He singled out Nkosazana Zuma-Dlha-mini's exceptional level of political maturity who contested the presidential position with Mr Ramaposa. The former AU chairperson took a unifying path soon after she had the second bite of the cherry.
Mr Saul consolidated the party's recent commitment that radical economic transfor-mation is coming into fruition, where land expropriation and transforming the mining sector to ensure that these embrace the black majority who is still marginally running the economy.
He was very articulate when he said that, “Local mines should leave a better chunk of their proceeds to develop locals - an appeal that has resonated like a mere rhetoric year in and year out to the mining moguls. We can't let the ANC co-exist with corruption anymore, a probable cause for restruct-uring. Let's revamp all the structures of the party, realign ourselves and reflect the role played by our fallen and retired heroes and heroines.”