Ncwelengwe residents not pleased

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Villagers in Ncwelengwe’s ward 15 under Joe Morolong municipality are not happy the way the local authority is handling matters related to development in the area.

The Economic Freedom Fighters secretary in the area Mr Pencil Setungwane raised a plethora of concerns that the municipality keeps on giving them a cold shoulder. He gave an example of an old woman aged eighty years whom had passed away a fortnight ago, had died with her elusive dreams of owning an RDP house. The old lady was among four beneficiaries identified by the same mayor of the municipality councillor Dorcas Moremi sometime last year, but only one foundation was constructed of the four houses.

Mr Setungwane said that this was a mere ploy to silence the community because the poor old lady has since died with false hopes from the mayor. The community nearly took to the streets after the passing away of the lady but was restrained by the elderly people in the village who said that it was taboo to protest after the death of the lady.

This has further rekindled a number of complaints raised by the same community that includes water and electricity. He claimed that a sports field and internal roads within the village remain unfinished after a very good start.

The EFF secretary said that there are many projects that have been stalled in the area. He further said that most of these projects remain uncompleted because the municipality does not believe in evaluating and monitoring its projects.