Mine takes workers' families on board

Mynbou & Nywerheid / Mining & Industry

One of the giant mines in the region that produces world class manganese ore, South32, held a fun-filled family day at Mamatwan-based operations site in Hotazel on February 25, 2017. A staggered programme that had been de-signed to accommodate workers on duty visited by their families at the mine on three consecutive Saturdays, was both a delight and an eye opener for the workers' families that included children, spouses, sisters, brothers, cousins etc.
This was intrinsically meant to acquaint family members with what really happens at the mine and to give them a taste of what their kin and kith are subjected to when they routinely leave their cozy homes to report  for duty. There was a lot of entertainment for the well attended function, before a specialised tour of the mine was conducted.
Prior to the tour, mine officials that included Media Manager Africa Region, Patrick Wadula, had a preliminary session with their highly esteemed visitors that dwelt on safety measures - the nerve centre of the stringent statutory mining requirement in the mining fraternity. As families arrived at the operation sites, guided by officials, a comprehensive brief-ing was given on how the mine extracts the precious mineral through its open cast method, the processing, grading and its final means of departure from site to the intended foreign markets. Asked about the nerve-chilling uncertain-ty in the demand of the mineral that characterised retrenchments in the region some 18 to 20 months ago, the Operations Manager of the South32 Mamatwan mine, Barry Bezuidenhout, said that operations are almost at their optimum - a direct affirmative that the price of the mineral and demand have significantly improved, thereby instilling investor confidence in the sector, stability in the retention of the labour force and an upsurge in the economic in-dex.