Mining industry income R419.5-billion

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Income generated by the mining indus-try rose from R393.4-billion in 2012 to R419.5-billion in 2015, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) said.
Presenting the Mining Industry 2015 re-port on Wednesday 29 March 2017, Stats SA said the total income for the mining in-dustry had increased by 2.2% per annum.
Comparing 2012 and 2015, large increa-ses were reported for coal and lignite (R21.9-billion), manganese (R6.8-billion) and diamonds, including alluvial dia-monds (R6.4-billion).
However, large decreases were repor-ted for platinum group metal ore (R15.5-billion), iron ore (R7.4-billion) and gold and uranium ore (R3.3-billion).
Mpumalanga had the largest income from sales of goods in the mining industry in 2015 with R114.4-billion (or 28.8% of the industry total). The province with the second largest income from sales of goods was North West (R84.7-billion or 21.3%), noted the report.
This was followed by the Northern Cape (R69.5-billion or 17.5%), Limpopo (R45.3-billion or 11.4%) and Gauteng (R44.9-bil-lion or 11.3%).
The report, however, noted that total employment in the mining industry had de-clined.
“Total employment (mine employees, employees of subcontractors and employ-ees through labour brokers) in the mining industry declined from 538 000 in 2012 to 490 000 in 2015,” said the report.
This was a loss of 48 000 jobs.
The biggest losses in jobs were recor-ded in mining of gold and uranium ore.
In terms of mine employees, the North West province was still the largest con-tributor to persons working in the mining industry (133 000 or 37.8%). Sanews.