Mine empowers locals

Mynbou & Nywerheid / Mining & Industry

Kedisaletsi Syra Seupe from Magojaneng village in Kuruman has a lot to tell, as Tshipi è Ntle Manganese Mine has unearthed hidden valuables within her.
She is becoming a big name since the business empowerment skills training she attained sometime last year.
She had the idea, but it needed finality in its perfection to turn it into a saleable product. A home-based mother and spouse cum baker and confectioner, gifted in cake baking and a variety of baked foods that make many functions, anniversaries and weddings notable and memorable.
In her straight forward narrative she said that she started cooking very young in the family and that passion grew with age. She then thought of going commercial in 2013, but the going was not as easy as she en-visioned.
Cutting family budgetary money trying to up her dream, did not turn her aspirations into gold. “It was after the business training that I got from this mine in 2016 that removed the darker side in the pursuit of growing my business.
“Tshipi è Ntle, with the Kuriti