Aveng Moolmans lends a hand

Mynbou & Nywerheid / Mining & Industry

Aveng Moolmans is one of the largest surface mining contractors in Africa. 
Moolmans offer a complete surface mining capability in both hard and soft rock environments.
The company has recently stretched out its helping hand to the needy Gamaraga High School in Deben. The school hall has been without a ceiling for a couple of months, which is suspected to have been caused by strong winds.
Mrs Lollie Van Niekerk, a teacher at Gamagara High School, then approached Aveng Moolmans to help the school with the ceiling, paint and la-bour.
As part of the company’s so-cial responsibility, Moolmans
did not hesitate to promptly offer assistance to the school.
General Manager at Mool-mans, Stephan Griessel, said it is the company’s duty to make sure it ploughs back to the community. It was not a first time initiative to the school. Last year, Moolmans donated gar-bage bins to keep the school neat and tidy.
“We are very proud of what Mr Griessel and his team have done for the school. We are facing terrible financial hiccups. We cannot afford a lot of stuff for  our school” said Mrs Van Niekerk.
It is anticipated that Aveng Moolmans will again visit the school to aid with the ablution facilities which are in a poor condition.