South32 honours long-standing employees

Mynbou & Nywerheid / Mining & Industry

South32's Hotazel Manganese Mines (HMM) celebrated 95 employees who have worked for the company for up to 40 years.
An event to honour the long service of these dedicated and loyal employees recently took place at the Hotazel College.
All employees with uninterrupted service of
10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years were awarded long service awards from the company.
During the event, Manganese SA Vice President Operations Lucas Msimanga congratulated the long service recipients and thanked their families for the contribution and efforts throughout the years.
“It should be noted that our contributions would not have been possible without the support and love from our families,” he said.
“Our people work in diverse roles and geographies and all have a part to play in contributing to the success of our company as individuals, teams and as whole operations and functions.
“We are working hard to build an inclusive workplace with a strong culture of care and accountability, where work is well-designed and we continuously improve and learn. Nothing is more important than our people going home safe and well every day,” he said.
The longest serving employee, celebrating 40 years with South32 is Nkosivumile Matwa. He began his career as a digger and, in those days, when the company was still known as Lohatla, they used shovels and wheelbarrows to mine. Things have certainly progressed since then.
Mr. Matwa said “It feels really good and one thing I can say, is that South32 is the best company to work for. I have seen all these companies come and go, managers come and go, but I have never seen a company that respects its employees as much as South32.”
In his closing remarks at the ceremony, Mr. Msimanga said “On behalf of the long-serving employees, I want to thank their families for the support, love and "scuff-tings"(an informal local word used to describe lunchboxes), that keep us going every day.” South32 communication