Workers protest over UIF discrepancies

Mynbou & Nywerheid / Mining & Industry

Discontent keeps on smouldering between Tau Mining workers and their employer.
Workers had to go en masse, firstly to the District Executive Mayor honourable Sofia Mosikatsi and then to the Department of Labour's Mr Bloem on May 9, 2017 pleading with them to come to their rescue over alleged UIF discrepancies.
This comes as a result of UIF con-ributions deducted from their salaries, but apparently these amounts do not reflect at the Department of Labour. 
Some of the employees with five and more years of service with the mining company, according to Mr
Joy Seikaneng the provincial AMCU Secretary, were not registered on time with the department while others were registered two to three years later.  He said that this was an indication that there was no audit by Kumba to his contractor to check for compliance.
Workers also alleged that there were fellow workers who used to work at the Mamatwan site who had  never been registered until they were transferred to the Kumba site.
The reasons that prompted the workers to go to Kuruman were two-pronged. Fellow workers wanted to determine whether or not their representatives had approached the
Department of Labour over the en-suing administrative disparities.
The manager in the Department of Labour, Mr Bloem, confirmed that the matter had been brought to his attention and he took it further to the provincial office for further verification by auditors.
Workers also claimed that they had approached the Joe Morolong and Ga-Segonyana mayors to assist in the matter, that they had agreed, but nothing had materialised out of them, hence they decided to consult with the district mayor who has re-quested them to give her ample time to take the matter further.
The manager in the Department of been some irregularities as there is a lack of records of UIF en-tries.