New multi-purpose centre officially opened

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Sishen Iron Ore Company community development trust (SIOC-cdt), officially handed over the multi-purpose centre to the community of Gamagara municipali-ty on Wednesday July 26, 2017.
The super trust took over the pro-ject for the construction of a multi-purpose centre in Deben from the Gamagara Development Forum (GDF).
The Deben multi-purpose centre, valued at R13-million, comprises of a hall, a soup kitchen and a youth centre.
Briefing the Kathu Gazette was the Chief Executive Officer of the SIOC-cdt Vusani Mali who said that the lo-cal community ought to benefit de-servedly and so to fulfil the scope of the establishment of the trust.
Mr Mali also confirmed that the
trust's offices are relocating from Jo-hannesburg to Kathu. The gist of the trust is to reconfigure the community projects delivery system through its direct involvement to optimise trans-parency and improve the standard of living of the broader community of the region
The centre is aimed at providing accessible facilities to cater for a wide variety of community needs, in-cluding strengthening the cultural and social activities in the area.
There was a visible vacuum for such a facility for the community of Deben, and SIOC-cdt came in han-dy.
Expressing the positive gesture demonstrated by SIOC-cdt was the Director of the Thabang Community Development Centre, Liza Mager-man and her Chief Financial Officer
Macbain Arends who, on behalf of the Department of Social Services , are running twenty two community nutritional centres in the province according to a new concept which resembles restaurants, where peo-ple are being fed while seated.
The Deben community also gave a positive nod to SIOC-cdt for the pro-vision of the community hall and the youth centre, saying that the facili-ties will go a long way towards bring-ing the residents together in sharing ideas as a collective, as well as cur-tailing social ills perpetrated in most cases by the delinquent youths.
The youth centre, if optimised can bridge the elderly and the youth gap together, as sporting activities in-volve all age groups.