NCMMA mines celebrate SHE Day

Mynbou & Nywerheid / Mining & Industry

The Northern Cape Mine Managers Association (NCMMA) held a co-lourful day to celebrate and con-solidate safety, health and environment (SHE) day where most mines were respectively represented at the Kuruman show grounds on October 21, 2017.
The atmosphere was electric and befitting as each mine was a winner in that for the past twelve months no casu-alty was reported.
The host mine, Kalagadi Manganese, made the event a very memorable piece of a day to the entire mining fraternity as it availed the necessary atmosphere and ingredients for the event to be fluid. The stage, the presenters and all the neces-sary tools were at hand to carry out the episodic scenes that kept workers and their families in stitches with members of the community.
Mines had competitions in the various activities that characterise safety, health and environment as their day to day ope-rations.
First-aid, fire-fighting and fork-lifting competitions progressed well, while mu-sic, food, lucky draws and games sand-wiched the beauty of the day.
In his welcoming remarks the host Ge-neral Manager of Kalagadi Manganese, Wonder Zwane, said that the atmos-phere ought to reflect a family gathering and not competitors to celebrate the day with one achievement.
“By its very nature mining is unique and is a very complex environment involving challenging natural conditions and geo-logy. Where application of a myriad of skills, training and diligence, miners attempt to control and manage the chal-lenges of safety, health and environ-ment. It requires supreme vigilance every minute of every shift, leaving no space for laxity. Now it is time to cele-brate our achievement for the year,” said Mr Zwane, who also is the current NCMMA chairman encumbent.
Acknowledging that mining has been recognised as the most dangerous job and activity in the universe due to its hazardousness to humankind and the degradation to environment, the strong market demand for the subsurface pre-cious resource keeps it as nectar to the bees and relentlessly calls for unflinching advocacy for mines to make safety a top priority and improve working conditions of workers on regular basis.
Graced by the presence of the acting Provincial Director in the Department of Mineral Resources,  Mr Harry Sease, said that the Northern Cape has demon-strated that a casualty-free mining environment can be achieved and mines must maintain the tempo.
In response to how the Northern Cape mines managed to achieve the zero-ca-sualty target, Mr Sease said, “We are working as a collective and the depart-ment consults the mines on a regular basis, but not necessarily as a watchdog. In the process, we exchange ideas op-enly, as partners, on equal footing, to un-derstand one another better. I am here to-day to celebrate SHE day, because we have worked together in harmony through and through.”