Sishen mine and Gamagara partner to upgrade traffic station

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Kumba Iron Ore Sishen mine partnered with the Gamagara local municipality to upgrade the traffic station as part of the mine's community development programme.
As the station was initially design-ed to service only a small population, the pressure increased over the years which resulted in continuous breakdowns of equipment, particu-larly machinery at the vehicle testing station.
Constant breakages resulted in non-renewals of vehicle licenses,  requiring community members to vi-sit alternative stations outside of Kathu.
The Provincial Monitoring Unit and SABS inspectors continuously found faults in a number of opera-tional requirements at the station and office and filing space   contin-ued to be a huge challenge.
Over recent years, the Gamagara local municipality attempted to re-medy this situation, but due to the high amount of capital needed that
was not provisioned for in the bud-get, the attempt was fruitless. The project was suspended until such a time that council could afford it.
“During the Social and Labour Plan Engagements the municipality realised an opportunity to address these challenges and requested Sishen mine to allocate some fund-ing to the traffic station upgrade which they gladly agreed upon.
Sishen mine's Small Development Hub has played a significant role in ensuring that this project is imple-mented properly in accordance with the signed memorandum of under-standing. The dedication displayed in managing this project is highly appreciated,” said Refilwe Sebogodi, Director of Community Services at Gamagara local munici-pality.
The upgrades at the station in-clude the procurement of three office containers, a storage container, brand-new machinery equipment, a camera, new computer box, rollers to test brakes, both electrical and
infrastructural renovations as well as access control installation.
Acting Traffic Station Manager Bruce Slambert believes that the upgrade will not only benefit the community, but employees will have better equipment to work with in a safer environment.
Ms Sebogodi said that there is still a lot to be done, but that the current upgrades will bring relief to the pressure experienced previously. She also thanked Kumba for their dedication to community develop-ment.
Upgra-des to the station al-ready start-ed in Sep-tember 2017 and are set to be com-pleted by December 2017. KIO Communi-cation