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Kathu Solar Park (KSP) continues its program of solar training in the John Taolo Gaetsewe (JTG) district.
On Monday 05 February 2018, the second group of 30 students were welcomed to the solar training program sponsored by KSP.
The trainees reported to the Kathu TVET College and began their five-week journey investing in their futures.
This is the second group of students in the solar training class. The first group gra-duated in December 2017 and many are now enrolled in the second phase of the training program (an additional 8 weeks) which also kicked off on Monday 05 Feb-ruary 2018.
Considering the great distances between villages and town centres in JTG, KSP is of-fering all students accommodation and
meals in Kathu, as well as a monthly stipend of R3000 per student to ensure that they are comfortable and ready to learn each day.
In addition to the curriculum-based train-ing, KSP is also providing students with training in basic computer literacy, mathe-matics and science, energy and water sec-tor, CV writing, job applications and entre-preneurship.
KSP understands that education and em-ployment are two critical and sensitive topics in the Northern Cape. Jobs are scarce, and education is often inaccessible. KSP has therefore taken the initiative and responded to this with the solar training program in the JTG district where it is building a greenfield Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant.
The KSP training program is unique for so-lar plants in the Northern Cape. The found-
ation for this program is the CSP Plant Pro-cess Controller curriculum developed by the Energy and Water SETA.
In addition to the curriculum framework, KSP is providing a complete and rounded package by including a significant amount of information to inspire young entrepreneurs and community leaders.
KSP is demonstrating its commitment to radical economic transformation and putting money into transferring knowledge and skills to local persons where these plants are being built.
For successful radical economic transfor-mation in South Africa, education is critical.
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