Kathu Solar Park shut down

Mynbou & Nywerheid / Mining & Industry

The Kathu Solar Park solar plant was shut down on Thursday 01 March 2018 due to irate workers demon-strating at the plant. These workers had reached the end of their contracts.
Apparently, the picketing general workers demanded to be re-employed in the place of foreigners working at the plant and to be paid the same as the skilled foreigners do.
As a precaution, the entire plant was clo-sed down and employees were told to stay at home until further notice.
In the meantime, negotiations are taking
place between management and the dis-gruntled ex contract workers.
The EFF political party is said to be en-couraging the workers.
The Kathu Gazette approached the Ka-thu Solar Park for comment, however the spokesperson explained that due to the fact that management was attempting negotia-tions at the time, he could not comment at that stage.
Presently, foreign and local workers are uncertain about when the situation will be resolved so they can return back to work.