Sishen mine celebrates employee innovation, commitment & loyalty

Mynbou & Nywerheid / Mining & Industry

Anglo American's Kum-ba Iron Ore Sishen mine recently hosted its Long Service Awards, the General Manager's Achievers Awards and the Alpha Awards combined function at the KCC hall on Friday 09 March 2018.
The ceremony celebrated the many years of loyalty, commit-ment, innovation and sustain-ability which employees dedi-cated to the business.
In his keynote address, Si-shen's general manager Mapi Mobwano said “You have seen Sishen at all its stages of growth and you have still not reached a point where you do not want to see anymore. This is what com-mitment and dedication mean. This is truly a memorable occa-sion in your life and a wonderful achievement to celebrate. To work for the number of years you have in one company is proof that you can achieve any-thing you set your minds to.”
The recipients represented the mining, plant, engineering and support services depart-ments. In all the awards cate-gories, these employees contri-
buted immensely to the Sishen mine's goals, culture and en-vironment, and they continue to make a lasting impression on Sishen's journey to being the benchmark in Anglo by 2020 and best in class by 2022.
Mr Mobwano also said “I want to urge you to coach and pass on the wisdom to the youth. With the operational and safety challenges we sometimes have to deal with to achieve our tar-gets, it can be easy for one to lose respect, but with good atti-tude, one never loses respect for oneself nor for others.
“You are a living example of loyalty and you are also a bene-fit to others who you touch in your life's journey.”
These awards reinforce the strength of Kumba's employees and celebrate what they do right in order to influence the compa-ny's future success. With this tradition, Kumba connects the organisation and its people in a way that increases their com-mitment and care for one ano-ther.