Ga-Segonyana tastes qualified audit report

Skole Nuus / School News

After ten consecutive disclaimers, the Ga-Segonyana local municipality obtained a qualified report for the year 2016/17 - not so good a report from a chartered accountant’s point of view.
This is but a good sign that should the municipality remain sensitive in its expenditure, it certainly will come out of its financial doldrums. The municipality had a severe drought in churning out such a lacklustre result and had continued obtaining disclaimers unabatedly. The new office bearers at the municipality, namely the mayor councillor Neo George Masegela who took the reigns in 2016 and the municipal manager Martin Tsatsimpe, who assumed office hardly three months ago, individually expressed great optimism.
In an interview with the mayor over the qualified report released by the Auditor General, he said that this was a great relief and proof enough that the municipality is coming out of its financial quagmire. He was very happy and said that continued financial discipline must be maintained to ensure a clear clean report is obtained in the next audit exercise. Equally, Mr Tsatsimpe, currently at the helm of administration, echoed similar sentiments and said that this was fascinating news that gave impetus to tighten the screws in coming up with a satisfactory audit report. “Honestly, disclaimers are not reflective of good administration in an institution. A qualified audit report too, but here we are making a comparison of a tradition that has been broken. This municipality is coming out of an abyss and as management, we need to improve the momentum where prudent planning is done within the lines of what is within the coffers. In a nutshell, every department must cut its cloth according to what it has on the table.”
In the past, the community of Ga-Segonyana municipality has been crying foul about the state of the results that, in most cases, were kept a secret because they were indeed an embarrassment.

3070 & 3073 The Ga-Segonyana municipality mayor councillor Neo George Masegela and the municipal manager Mr Martin Tsatsimpe equally determined to redeem the municipality from its financial woes.