Curro Kathu Science Expo

Skole Nuus / School News

Building a future in science for our children.” As part of 21st century learning, Curro incorporated Project Based Learning (PBL) as part of the natural science curriculum and it is now a compulso-ry assessment task in the senior phase. This PBL project is very similar to the well-known Eskom Expo, following the scientific method in detail and expecting learners to deliver a poster, a report and verbal communication as part of their project.
Thus, the idea was born to host a science expo at Curro Kathu where the learners, grade 7 to 9, can present their final products and this event took place on 18 May 2018 at the Curro Kathu school hall. As part of this science expo, selected grade 5 learners participated in a Lego bridge building com-petition, grade 5 and 6 took part in a robotics competition and grade 4 exhibited Diora-mas. One grade 10 learner and one grade 11 learner took part voluntarily. The idea is to motivate mass participation so that the best projects can be entered in further competi-tions and to finally add value to science in the community.
Curro Kathu wants to thank Assmang Khumani, Assmang Beeshoek and ECM that contributed as the biggest sponsors for this event. Lastly, Curro Kathu would also like to thank all the judges who offered their time to make this event a success.