Trust donates 1190 textbooks to school

Skole Nuus / School News

On Wednesday 16 May 2018 the John Taolo Gaetsewe Developmental Trust donated academic textbooks to Bothitong High School.
The trust, under the stewardship of the CEO Tumelo Mpolokeng, was accompanied by officials from the Department of Edu-cation, the SAPS, SGB members, traditional leaders, trust officials and management.
The school was plagued by service delivery protests and the shortages of textbooks became imminent as most learn-ers did not bring back the textbooks they had been given from the school.
The Principal, Mrs Monyera, said, “Our request to the trust was mainly for lower grades starting from grade 8 and today we
are grateful that the gap has been filled. We were starting to drop our overall perform-ance going from 100% to 85,17% Without textbooks for our learners, it is difficult for us to fully achieve our targets as a school, and we pride ourselves with good results we have attained in previous years, hence the request was of urgency to the trust.”
With its continued relationship with the Department of Education, the trust main-tains to fill a gap where the department cannot reach. The CEO, on speaking about the donation said, “We have adopted most schools in the John Taolo Gaetsewe area and when a request is tabled to us, we assist in the best possible way we can. We have today donated over 1000 textbooks of differ-
ent subjects and 101 teachers guides to the school ranging from grade 8 - 12. Our road does not end here today with this school though, we will be looking into different inter-vention programmes for the school to im-prove their results for this academic year.”
The trust's donation provides evidence of the commitment it has made in the past of maintaining and promoting quality teaching and learning in partnership with the Depart-ment of Education.
There are positive messages in terms of the emergence of a quality learning culture within the district that the trust has instilled in previous years, and therefore it remains committed to that discipline.
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