Well done Kuruman Christian Academy, once again we have risen to the challenge and for the second year in a row the school was invited to the prestigious annual Matric Awards, which was held in Kimberley, on the 5th of January 2017, where we received the award for the Second Best Academic School in the John Taolo Gaetsewe District. Deirdre Nieuwoudt (Executive Principal), stated, that she is very proud to be a part of such a dynamic learning environment, and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mrs Marina Landman and her exceptional team of FET teachers as well as the grade 12 learners for their hard work, dedication and long hours, without them this would not have been possible.

It is with great gratitude that we thank God for the opportunity to be able to work with learners from many diverse cultures, may He bless and guide us as we go fro strength to strength.

In yet another development, Mothibistad and Mapoteng villages in Kuruman have swords between gangsters sharpened for confrontation at any given time.

An anonymous close source following the goings-on in the looming fight, has pointed fingers to the relevant departments that ought to approach the problem with a straight face.

Last week, November 3, 2016 a community meeting was held in Kuruman’s Mapoteng village to resolve the looming disturbance in the writing of examinations in some schools around Mothibistad. Some learners involved in the monstrous acts still hibernate in the same schools that are being targeted for disturbances.

Members of the community want the police, in liaison with the Department of Education, to take stern measures to ensure that learners involved in gangsterism be out-rooted from schools. This can only be achieved, says the community, if the Department of Education can issue out a letter authorising the police to identify the juvenile delinquents (learners) within schools where punitive measures can be taken to stem out this form of lawlessness.

It appears, the community alleges, that the Department of Education develops cold feet to issue out a letter to the police that gives it the mandate to sniff out hooligans within its learning precincts.

There are increasing threats that some learners are being targeted by these groups and as a result learners are in great fear to go for their examinations. While examinations in themselves are a nerve-wrecking experience, the added fear of being physically attacked is a clear depravity to the free flow of revision to the examinees and authorities need to apply firm steps to control the situation.          


Mej Hoërskool Daniëlskuil, Chandré Chotia (middel), saam met haar prinsesse - Eerste Prinses, Keenan Vries en Tweede Prinses, Madré Arendse. Foto: Asjas Foto’s

Thusego is one of the middle schools found in the deep rural areas of Tsineng village but its image leaves a lot to be desired.

The Northern Cape NGO coalition in Kuruman had its field worker Mr Tebogo Moitsi who also works for Actionaid in that area, astounded. “We are working with schools around the district of John Taolo Gaetsewe, and Thusego Middle School is one of the schools that is in our programme.

The school has been running for a year now without water, toilets and furniture. The learners have been attending lessons sitting on the floor for the whole year expecting that the situation will change very soon. But to this date nothing has changed and the situation shows there is no possible hope in sight”.

Mr Moitsi said that examination papers lie idle on the floor in boxes. Classrooms do not have doors and some of the windows are broken. The electric wires are precariously exposed to learners and at any given time electrocution can be reported at the school. As examinations are underway learners have to find their comfortable sitting positions to write because furniture is nonexistent. Educators too have their own complications that include among others the unavailability of a decent staff room and toilets. He said that the department of education ought to prioritise its budgetary expenditure towards such situations to ensure that innocent children are safe and in a conducive learning environment.     

Die babas en 2-jariges bons dat dit gons.



Sonstraaltjie Kleuterskool het op Vrydagaand 28 Oktober 2016 ‘n Lollos konsert aangebied. Die program is afgeskop deur die babas en 2-jariges met “Bons dat dit gons”, gevolg deur “Tannie met die rooi rokkie” deur die 3-jariges. Die 4-jariges het “Spring op” en “Stapsoldaatjie” opgevoer. Daarna was dit die 5-jariges se beurt met “Shongologo” en “Dae van die week”. Die aand is afgesluit met die 5-jariges se gradeplegtigheid, waar elke leerder ‘n foto in sy toga saam met Lollos kon neem.


The Department of Sport & Recreation’s National Youth Camp from 1 October—8 October 2016 at Warrenton was a life changing experience where the learners learned how to lead their communities, serve our country and bring nations together.

They learned about other languages and cultures and on 7 October 2016 they officially graduated as National Trailblazers. They all received certificates and blazers.

They want to unify the Nation and fly our flag with pride.

We are looking forward to see their leadership in our school and community and we cannot wait for the positive change they can bring to our school.


Attendees of the Youth Camp, back: Lindokutile Ngogodo, Boikanyo Matsipane, Oatile Shuping, Tlotlo Mosimayane. Front: Thato Greeff, Vuelwa Nyembe, Dimpho Madito, Queen Mokgosi.